The Rewards of Working in Childcare (K. Gerwat)

The Rewards of Working in Childcare (K. Gerwat)

I have worked in childcare for over 12 years and all of my children were cared for in nurseries whilst I worked full time. As a working mother, I am grateful to the key workers for shaping my children into the independent individuals they are today.

Some children can spend more time in a nursery setting with their key worker than their parents so it is important they feel loved and safe there. As well as taking care of a child’s basic needs such as changing, feeding and cleaning an infant, nursery practitioners play an influential part in the child’s social, mental and physical development.

They are fundamentally the first educator in a child’s academic journey, introducing them to colours, numbers, letters and all this through play. With time, a child will learn about the world around them by celebrating different festivals and learning about different religions and cultures. Slowly a child will become independent by learning skills such as using cutlery on their own or visiting the toilet unaccompanied.

In a nursery a child will learn about acceptable behaviour and for many children, the nursery is where they will form their first friendships.

Working in a nursery is busy, fun and very rewarding! No two days are the same! You work as part of a team, sharing ideas, anecdotes and responsibility for the children in your care.

The best part of the job is you are helping to shape a future generation. Who knows, you may be influencing the mind of a future teacher, doctor, vet, lawyer or even prime minister!

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