FAQ: Nanny Roles

We proudly work with many early years childcare settings supporting both their permanent and temporary agency nursery staffing needs. We believe in building long-term relationships so we can understand and fulfil their requirements.

For Parents

Q: How much does a nanny cost to employ?

A The cost varies based on location, qualifications and experience. If you are using a nanny recruitment agency they will be able to advise you on the average rates for your area. Nanny’s often like to discuss salary in terms of their ‘take home’ pay but it is important to factor in the additional costs to you as the employer, such as their tax, national insurance and pension contributions.

Q: Should I employ a live- in or a live- out nanny?

A: It depends on your personal circumstances. The salary for a live- in nanny will be less and for a nanny new to the area or country the security of accommodation provided can be appealing.

However, you need to consider how it will work for your family having someone else living in the family home. You also need to consider if you have suitable accommodation to offer. Nannies will expect their own room and many will want use of their own bathroom.

Q: Any tips on interviewing nannies?

A: Preparation is key. Write down a list of questions you want to ask and make notes of their answers. Plan how you will structure each interview. For example, you might want some time just you and the applicant so you can ask questions without interruptions.

Then you might want to introduce the children so you can see how they interact. Setting scenarios can be a useful too. For example ‘A child falls and bumps his/her head, what would you do?’ or ‘The forecast is for torrential rain all week, what activities might you plan?”.

Q: Should I ask an applicant to complete a trial before I make a job offer?

A: It is down to personal choice and may also depend on the availability of the applicant. If they are currently working full time it may be difficult to arrange. If you do decide to ask for a trail it should be fairly short (1 day is fairly typical) and you should pay them for their time. Remember, it is also common practice to have a probation period written into the contract of employment.

Q: How do I write a contract of employment and run a payroll?

A: As an employer you will need to comply with employment law and behave professionally and legally. It can all be rather daunting. The good news is that there are companies that specialise in payroll provision.

You can sign up for a specialist nanny payroll service who will also support you with employment contracts and other useful information. We work with https://www.nannytax.co.uk.

Q: Can I employee a nanny from outside the UK?

A: It will depend on a number of factors. The legislation and requirements surrounding this will vary from country to country. If you do decide to pursue this route the process may well take longer and be prepared for some additional costs and administrative tasks

Q: I know a nanny’s first responsibility is childcare but is it reasonable to ask him or her to help with other household tasks?

A: It is but you should make this clear in your job specification and also discuss at interview. Most nannies would consider it reasonable to be asked to do some cleaning and tidying relating to their role. For example, tidying the playroom and clearing up after children’s mealtimes.

Many are happy to run errands too, such as popping to the shops or post office. Most would be less happy if asked to give the whole house a spring clean!

Q: Is it best to employ a nanny who is registered with Ofsted?

A: Not necessarily. It all depends on your personal circumstances. There is no legal requirement for a nanny to be Ofsted registered and there are many highly skilled and well- qualified nannies who are not registered. However, some parents feel it gives additional peace of mind. Some companies offer ‘salary sacrifice’ childcare vouchers. Only nannies registered with Ofsted can be paid using these.

For Nannies

Q: I am thinking of pursuing a career as a nanny. What does the job actually entail?

A: A career as a nanny can be very rewarding. Your day will be varied. First and foremost parents and carers will expect you to keep their children safe. You will be expected to plan age-appropriate activities for the children and to meet their care needs.

You will, most likely, be asked to prepare meals for the children and to help with developmental milestones, such as toilet training. You may be asked to take and collect children from school or nursery. Most families will expect you to help with some household tasks relating to the children.

Q: What qualifications do I need to become a nanny?

A: Having some relevant qualifications will, almost certainly, make you more employable. There are companies that offer courses specifically for nannies and it is worth investigating these.

We have partnered up with the https://thechildcarecompany.com/ who specifically provide Home based childcare courses.

Potential employers will also be interested in other childcare qualifications you may have.

You should also complete a first aid qualification relevant to looking after children and update this as needed (usually every 3 years)

Q: Can Nanny’s register with Ofsted.

A: Yes. The process is quite quick and there is an annual fee. In order to register a nanny must have an enhanced DBS, a relevant qualification in first aid, Public Liability Insurance and a minimum of a level 2 childcare qualifications or training in core common skills. The other requirement is a secure knowledge of safeguarding procedures and related matters.

For further information please follow this link:


Q: How many hours does a nanny typically work each day?

A: It varies but hours can be long. The important thing is to agree the hours you will work and ensure they are recorded in your contract of employment. It is a good idea to ask for expectations in regard to overtime to be included too. For example, that you might be asked to work occasional weekends and the rate at which these will be paid.

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