Permanent Nursery Staff

You can call us anytime for advice and support with regards to your employment. We share your passion for nurturing and developing young children and we will help and support you in every way to find the right childcare setting to achieve your career goals.

Looking for nursery jobs

We understand how important it is for you to make the right choice about your future. Whether applying for nursery nurse jobs or manager positions, the setting has to feel right, the location has to be accessible, the role and salary has to fit your capability and potential, and most importantly, you have to be happy.

Whatever childcare role you are looking for, get in touch for an informal chat. We recruit all levels from assistant right up to senior executive. Even if you are not yet ready to commit, an informal chat will cost you nothing but your time and means you won’t miss out on future opportunities.

Looking for a job can be a frustrating process. But it doesn’t have to be. Our team will guide you through it from start to finish. We will set you up with job alerts so that as soon as relevant positions become available, you will be informed.  Our job board is updated regularly with the latest nursery nurse jobs and nursery assistant jobs, so do please keep checking it regularly.

We are mindful and respectful of your time and requirements and will try to schedule screenings and interviews at times that are convenient to you.

We are also aware of how important it is to find a location and setting that is accessible to you from a journey perspective and one that suits your career goals and aspirations.

Getting the right job to satisfy your passion and career

  • Be clear on what your long-term goals are and where you want to work
  • Make sure your CV is current and has your contact details
  • Ensure your qualifications are up to date
  • Get permission from your references before putting them down
  • Ask us for any extra information you want to know about the position or nursery

Making a successful application

  • Learn as much as you can about the nursery and position before you go for an interview.
  • Get help writing your CV, highlighting all relevant experience and qualifications.
  • Practice interview techniques to ensure you are prepared and confident.
  • Most importantly, show your potential employer how passionate and committed you are to looking after children.

Regular communication is the key to a long-term relationship. We therefore like to be in regular touch keeping you up to date with vacancies in your local or surrounding area or any potential roles that we believe might interest you.

We want to find you that perfect role and we will give you honest feedback and advice on your CV and how you can increase your chances of landing that dream job. And we’ll take care of all the logistics… organising interviews, follow-ups and getting feedback.

The thought of interviews can be intimidating, but we will work with you through mock interviews, guide notes, interview tips and techniques. When you walk into that interview we want you to be brimming with confidence.

Please be assured that everything you share with us is strictly confidential. Your CV will be sent to a potential employer only after we have got the nod from you and references will only be contacted with your permission.